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Park Bench

In memorian of Yoodi Djimar aka @vacantparkbench Who passed away 18 May 2013 at 20.25. The funeral on 19 May 2013.


This ambient music was created after May 19, 2013, the funeral of our best friend, a brother Yoodi Djimar. I try to finish it but my mind keeps changing the tune while the tears covering my sight and slowly running at the corner of my eyes. Today I made it and send it to him at the park… now he enjoy sitting at the park bench in heaven… in Peace.

Amira Hapsari Sutrasno: now he sit on a bench somewhere and listening to this.

Spoxx Aya: I like the tune very much! In my personal connotations, it feels like sitting on a park bench, being – as Yoodi has put it – “a silent witness of everything that passes by…”. Since before my inner eye, I see the passing things move like in a time lapse, my inner time beat slows down, and I feel very calm in spite of being fully aware of life being perishable… (comment cross posted from facebook)

Robert Pelenkahu: Very smooth I love the transition


(Facebook timeline)

Spoxx Aya: He said…

…that he often found, what was inside his mind was much more interesting than all things in the world: such as pondering why a flower, beautiful and precious, was perishable?
…that like a vacant park bench, he was a silent witness of everything that passed by; – to just sit and watch as everything unfolded around him.

…”Make it your universe, share it with someone and be inspired. Or not.”

Yoodi Djimar:

(One of his poem)

You will never know
I chased the blue
Through a glass window
With the thought of you

Leaving the grey behind
Did not shed any tears
As both eyes were blind
Only faith that the sky is clear

But you will not be here
Holding me dear

So my words for today
To you, I pray



Here is the latest conversation among friends that never met


Yoodi Djimar <> Mar 8

to, me

Dear Spoxx

Very touched by yr vivid recalls of our early conversation as well as yr note of symphaty to my illness. Thank you so much!

Im diagnosed w/ lung cancer and so now undrgoing treatment in a hospital.

So far all went well medication as awell as spirit wise. It is a source of great comfort and energy to b surrounded by a supportive family and friends.

Thx again for yr note. Keep in touch!

Bst rgds/ Yoodi

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On Feb 27, 2013, at 4:33 AM, “ (content)” <> wrote:

Joodi, my friend!

Today, I received notice from Agus Makkie that you are in hospital, and very ill.

I hope that you do not have to suffer a lot of pain in your body,
and that your spirit and faith are strong to support you
in these difficult times.

We never met in person,
but I remember very vividly the situation,
when I first saw your “@vacantparkbench” handle on twitter:
I asked, whether there was a spare place on your parkbench,
and you invited me to sit down next to you,
and we had a little chat about the value of leisure and “doing nothing”.

It was not until sometime later
that I realized your connection to Agus Makkie.

We did not exchange many tweets or messages,
but somehow I always was conscious of you being there somewhere
on the other side of the world,
but still very close.

Later, we added another layer of looking at each other
through your photographic vision,
and once in a while, I wandered over to your blog
for a text or a poem.

From all this I know
that the horizon of your spirit is wider
than the walls of suffering and fear
that may constrict you in this present situation.

Please, feel my love and my being close.

I wish, I had an idea, what more I could do.
If you know, please tell me!

Your friend truly


This is me and Spoxx when I was visiting Munich, we are at the Beer Garden.


(From a friend on InstaGram, Twitter and Path)

Fatah: To an awesome bloke whom I have never had the opportunity to meet but shared warm sentiments with wit and candor through Path and IG over the years. Yoodi Djimar, you will be sorely missed and I’m certain that you are at peace with pain, no more.

Andrea: Miss his words… Miss his writing… Now he is sitting on his park bench in heaven, watching over us…

WK (brother in law): Long hair, t-shirt, jeans, black coffee, red Marlboro and he sitting in parkbench while rain is pouring and he smile beside him. Tears, Period.

Adhi (brother): I will have no tears of sadness. Only tears of joy. Cause I know he’s now in better place. A peaceful place where pain does not exist. Thank you for allowing me to be close to you and do what a brother should do. You’ve help me become a better person more than I can help you to become better. Go have your rest now kak, you deserve it.

Oca: J mas yoodi juga, sweet stranger.

Sayamaya: Aku pun bertanya hal yang sama dan dijawab dgn hal yg sama waktu pertama kenal huhuhuh.

Agusmakkie: maaf saya ngga sanggup foto mas yoodi, fotonya cuma ada di kepala dan hati gue aja untuk saat itu (terakhir bertemu dia). Pemandangan ini sudah cukup bercerita…

IyankPo: Aku gak kenal mas Yoodi secara langsung, tp kami saling bercerita dan comment melalui twitter, dan entah kenapa aku merasa dekat.

Danny: Hope you can send us heaven pictures via instagram… Rest in peace.

….and many more

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure” – Author Unknown