Iceland Airwaves ’12

What Life Sounds Like When It Echoing at The Corner of The Spheres

Music Documentary
Shot and Directed by Agus Makkie

An inspiring 20 minutes “Do It Yourself” documentary film of Iceland Airwaves ‘12 music festival and the musician who participate in it. Directed by Agus Makkie a freelance film director from Indonesia; produced by himself in collaboration with his team, Icelandic and European musician. All the scenes, interview, live music was filmed on the peaceful place on earth, Reykjavik in November ’12.

Reykjavík is a small city with population slightly more than 320,000 people. Downtown area where the festival is held isn’t more than a few blocks long in every direction. This means that it’s inevitable that fans and industry people and musicians alike will cross paths all week long. From enjoying Icelandic food, running from venue to venue to catch numerous amazing musical sets, sitting down and talking with artists or even just exploring Iceland’s beautiful country side, Iceland had much for us to discover.

When words leave off, music begins. ~ Heinrich Heine


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