Roaring in America

Photo Travel Journal
From my trip in USA

New York
Los Angeles
San Fransisco
San Diego
Las Vegas

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Reykjavik Boulevard

Inspiration. Dreams. Passion. Talent. Art… Memories. We do believe in that kind of thing, here on Reykjavik Boulevard.

Our friend and important contributor from South-East Asia, AGUS MAKKIE, realized something special for all the Iceland Airwaves fans.

An inspiring 20 minutes “Do It Yourself” documentary film of Iceland Airwaves ‘12 music festival, the bands, the festivalgoers and the city, directed by Agus himself in collaboration with his team, Icelandic and European musicians and Reykjavik Boulevard. All the scenes, interview, live music were filmed on the most peaceful place on earth, Reykjavik in November ’12.