What Life Sounds Like When It Echoing at The Corner of The Spheres

An inspiring 20 minutes “Do It Yourself” documentary film of Iceland Airwaves ‘12 music festival and the musician who participate in it. Directed by Agus Makkie a freelance film director from Indonesia; produced by himself in collaboration with his team, Icelandic and European musician. All the scenes, interview, live music was filmed on the peaceful place on earth, Reykjavik in November ’12.


Airwaves has a solid reputation of bringing the best Icelandic and international acts on the cusp of greatness and public awareness, and this year the fest is back to do their thing for five very cold and dark days and nights. In their eloquent words:
It’s 4 a.m. You’ve been to five cool clubs, seen ten great bands, made fifteen new friends and fallen in love twenty times. You’re tired. You’re wired. You’re ready to find a bed. You’re ready to find the after-party. You can’t believe you’re here. You’re already making plans to come back next year. And guess what? It’s still Day One.
I’m in Iceland to cover Airwaves (flew out of Seattle to get here, no thanks to hurricane Sandy) for your vicarious enjoyment, so be sure to “like” Nordic Spotlight on Facebook to both keep you connected to the action and to make you insanely jealous.

Reykjavík is a small city— with slightly more than 119,000 people. The downtown area where the festival is held isn’t more than a few blocks long in either direction. This means that it’s inevitable that fans and industry people and musicians alike will cross paths all week-long.

From enjoying the Icelandic food, running from venue to venue to catch numerous amazing musical sets, sitting down and talking with artists or even just exploring Iceland’s beautiful country side, Iceland had much for us to discover.

The Iceland Airwaves Music Festival is an event that brings artists from around the world to grace the stages of venues in Reykjavík, Iceland. Here are some artists from the lineup this year that we included in our on-air preview (with links to our interviews and reviews from the fest): Apparat Organ Quartet, FM Belfast, Ólafur Arnalds


I’m a huge fan of electronic music. I’m constantly on the lookout for electronic music that’s both progressive and organic, especially if it amalgamate unconventional sampling and tasty beats. After perusing the enormous lineup for Iceland Airwaves, I stumbled upon a band who could satiate my appetite and delivered something worthwhile. The band is called Samaris, an electronic trio composed of three young students who include a clarinet player (Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir), a vocalist (Jófríður Ákadóttir), and a computer programmer (Þórður Kári Steinþórsson). Together they create songs that call to mind experimental electronic, post-dubstep, and downtempo (e.g. Zola Jesus, Mount Kimbie, Tricky). Below you’ll find a music video for their song “Góða tungl’” off their Hljóma Þú EP.

Agent Fresco

After months of excitedly exploring the lineup for Iceland Airwaves 2012, I finally found a band I can really sink my teeth into. Don’t get me wrong, the amount of acts I’m ready to cover at Airwaves is an overwhelming list of hip-hop, electronica and rock, but there’s something about the seamless display of sonic contrast that Reykjavík’s Agent Fresco rocks. At one moment you’re being blissfully lulled by vocalist Arnór Dan Arnarson’s floating vocals and swaying instrumental melodies. Soon after, however, the serenity is morphed into a fleeting wall of crunching guitars and stuttering drum rhythms that are hard-hitting enough they sound like they could cause a shift in the tectonic plates beneath Iceland’s surface.

FM Belfast

Less a band and more of a musical community, FM Belfast was formed in 2005 by Lóa and Árni Rúnar Hlöòversson in Reykjavík, Iceland. Playing their first Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in 2006, the band is now supplemented by about three to eight additional members, depending on their availability – most of the band is involved in several other musical endeavors at any given time. Since their inception, FM Belfast has released two albums: How to Make Friends in 2008 and Don’t Want to Sleep in 2011.
FM Belfast utilizes catchy synth hooks and driving, bombastic drums to create an upbeat and exciting musical experience. Far from the floating, ethereal style of iconic Icelandic acts like Sigur Rós, this music will make you stamp your feet and throw your hands in the air. The dreamy sound effects color generally fast-paced tracks reminiscent of bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Passion Pit, while the combination of male and female vocals keeps the music fresh and evocative.

Apparat Organ Quartet

Four electrifying keyboardists and one rhythmic drummer from the energetic five-piece Reykjavík-based band, Apparat Organ Quartet. Apparat Organ Quartet are visionaries within their own genre, using everything from short-circuited Casio keyboards, malfunctioning hammonds, and custom homemade organs to produce what they call “Machine Rock and Roll.” Their lyrics are distorted by vocoders producing Daft Punk like vocals and providing a video-game ambience to their digital rock sound. Despite their inaudible lyrics, you don’t have to understand what they’re saying in order to feel the pulsating energy apparat Organ Quartet orchestrates.
Band member Jóhann Jóhannsson formed the group in September of 1999. Apparat Organ Quartet first began exploring with experimental improvisations that they performed as a series of concerts, laying down the foundations for their future sound through minimalist works. Slowly their music evolved, as the group took pride and passion into physically creating every noise and glitch composed within their songs. No computers or sequencers are used to create their digital symphonies.
The band finally released their self-titled album in 2002, revving up the engines for an unstoppable career. In 2010, they jumped back into the music scene with their second album Polyfonia, which created significant buzz amongst Icelandic critics. Polyfonia was the masterpiece and the final product of what the band had worked so hard to achieve. It features beautiful organ solos, riveting synthesized explosions, and distortion. After signing with the Crunchy Frog label, their music is beginning to spread worldwide.
Apparat Organ Quartet has traveled across the world, rocking their futuristic sound from New York City’s “ Central Park Summer Stage” to London’s ICA and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Apparat Organ Quartet will likely blow the stage away at the 2012 Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and I can’t wait to be a part of the madness. Check out one of my favorite songs off their album Polyfonia, “1,2,3, Forever.”


When Iceland comes to mind, possibly the last thing someone thinks of is an annual music festival. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of going to Iceland this year to cover the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and am very excited to see the band Nóra. A mix of guitars, keys, samples, and drums, this band from Iceland puts it all together and forms something marvelous. With light, upbeat melodies and a mix of sibling harmonies their music was made to ease the soul.

Ólafur Arnalds

I am incredibly excited to see is Ólafur Arnalds. Ólafur combines classical music with electronic beats to create music that stands out to music lovers around the world. He is a 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist that preforms live on the piano, but is accompanied by strings, which creates a beautiful melodic harmony that can send goose bumps down your spine and bring a tear to your eye. I am extremely excited about Iceland Airwaves, and Ólafur is one artist festival I plan to catch.
There, classical composer and pianist, Ólafur Arnalds performed an alluring set. Accompanied by a talented violinist and cellist, the trio performed his pieces, “Gleypa Okkur” and “Near Light,” and had the audience in a trance. Arnalds’ compositions are absolutely moving. His last piece he performed solo on a beautiful grand Fazioli piano, and it was written for someone he missed dearly; his grandmother. As the last notes were fading out, you could faintly hear the violinist echo the melody backstage. To me, that particular piece was a memento in music, a symbol of missing someone immensely. My heart broke and I could feel my eyes starting to tear… never have I been so moved.


As the growing adrenaline and suspense kicks in, I have been hyping myself up by jamming out to native Icelandic bands. One of the many great Icelandic acts that are performing at Iceland Airwaves is Nolo, a two man band consisting of Nonnji Lorange and Ivör Björnsson. This band combines sounds of a guitar, a beat machine, and two old fun machines they found at a secondhand shop.
This isn’t the band’s first time performing at Iceland Airwaves, in fact they rocked Airwaves last year. The thing that attracts me to them is their lo-fi, basement sound and in fact the two usually record in Ivor’s basement with one microphone. The underproduced sound is actually quite organic. Their instrumentation creates a splashy texture with each instrument complementing the other.


“I feel like we’re all in a big elevator,” singer Agnes Andradóttir joked as Sykur got set to play at Sirkús Port. The tiny bar was jam-packed; people were standing on couches, tables, anything they could find to get a better view of the Icelandic electro four-piece, who filled the few spaces between people with hard-hitting sound. Andradóttir’s fantastic, growling voice carried cleanly over the group’s dirty beats and punching synths. The band ripped through a half hour set to an appreciative crowd who called for more after every track.

Retro Stefson

By far the funkiest band at Airwaves, Retro Stefson owned the stage – all eight of them. Slap-happy bass, obese synths, and a singer with more charisma than a politician all made Retro Stefson a balls-to-the-walls experience that could scarcely be rivaled. Calling for the audience to throw their shirts on stage, the band also insisted that “You have to be sexy at Iceland Airwaves!” They blasted through funkadelic numbers in quick succession, always moving, frontman Unnstein Stefánsson dancing with such intensity that he seemed to be cast from pure energy. After the band was satisfied they had enough shirts on stage, they called for the audience to back, back, back up, widening the gap between the audience and the stage in order to make room for one of the band members to jump down and start breakdancing. Naturally, everyone went berserk. The band made time for each instrumentalist to take a featured solo; each displayed virtuosic chops and showed he or she could work just as well in a prominent role as in a secondary. With final calls of “Harpa, you gotta be sexy tonight!” the band left the stage to thunderous applause.


One of Iceland Airwaves’ original acts, GusGus has been playing the festival since its inception in an airplane hangar back in 1999. These guys (and girl) have been playing huge festivals like this since before most of the current bands on the bill have existed, and GusGus showed why they are still major players in the Icelandic music scene. Members of the audience were screaming for the group as soon as their openers finished, and the minute the first teeth-rattling bass note hit, it was absolute chaos on the floor. Each member of the band wore a genuine smile as the venue shook with bass and dancing; singer Daníel Haraldsson owned the stage, dancing on monitors and playing to the crowd, who obviously adored him. GusGus proved that they have not lost a step.



Europe Trip

A Photo Journal of my trip to Madrid, Barcelona, Nice Cote d’Azur, Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Italy, Montreux Switzerland, Munich, and Salzburg.

7687823566_7579575d65_n     7709407470_816663f4fa_n

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7893534076_67804ee442_n     7898850270_d949479d06_n

7913399270_6fda2de8ea_n     7919242080_130e3f54bc_n

7922001018_5240db411a_n     7927440122_b409a14ebd_n

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7985010638_956f4e8bc2_n     7988315878_f379a79ed8_n

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8029045259_5e75d43a9f_n     8032823873_19be93f584_n

8035591129_660d47d1bd_n     8038298639_54ae156966_n

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8102097090_ec4912b328_n     8104732129_4d146c0f9c_n

8111690681_d65a264a45_n     8119715812_062ddcf41e_n

8121145003_b9f14c30a1_n     8123661152_d2fc9c2a61_n


*all photograph taken with Canon 5D mark II and  iPhone 4s.

This is England

London is calling.

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5904323714_54ba298923_n      5907506337_3287e74e43_n

5907535103_9fd08a1019_n      5907540999_178f03991d_n

5907546537_b36b111be2_n      5908093566_a941f2d844_n

5908095490_1f8cb30062_n      5908099782_6dd0c09242_n

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5909569751_0e9049f189_n      5909589281_a3bb739d79_n

5909592889_b9db356b93_n      5909595883_99555efe21_n

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5910116846_410bcc406d_n      5910120918_7c04b5bbce_n

5910125650_c844d58a41_n      5910130990_432bdd7e45_n

5910133424_a8f22e0a6c_n      5910136944_f63d14b69d_n

5910139844_86d0281cd0_n      5910142830_48835b52f8_n

5910204744_f1d889c42b_n      5910216650_456c5d9480_n

5910220884_496dfcdbef_n      5910229864_b9d9c213e0_n

5911152765_9401494559_n      5911156405_185e2a960d_n

5911157273_a5cb83195c_n      5911598181_c30b289915_n

5911709250_cd6eaf7203_n      5911710588_9cdc517102_n

5911714820_0b0ce00088_n      5911718400_960c9310f4_n

5911719912_0e1b70a0e9_n      5911721620_e7a18f6705_n

5912160100_221bf499e6_n      5912162490_30588a3e83_n

5912164632_d5167d908d_n      5914490467_9fddec38c0_n

5914492349_253ac668ca_n      5914494383_756a735db9_n

5914512253_f79584141d_n      5914514035_d3eed8b710_n

5914514939_ffd0be4c20_n      5914516201_efd28c2665_n

5914519215_ed8776a328_n      5914520619_72babf6aac_n

5914521733_82f2045fb8_n      5914522611_caa0dd6e5b_n

5914526797_69deee028f_n      5914528035_cbccf09f85_n

5914530399_4189f783f4_n      5915044732_3ba9169be2_n

5915045676_5e05a39c4c_n      5915047340_673b8e19aa_n

5915048512_8a6cc720c8_n      5915049356_f3d2441c46_n

5915053768_b874e85da2_n      5915056036_3f48cabfd3_n

5915071070_3d25e865de_n      5915077082_ff622a47f2_n

5915083460_86aaf15819_n      5915084922_3962fc8f40_n

5915089066_3eb906cd72_n      5915091398_6bcb67a1a9_n

5917644449_8495d1c92d_n      5918206350_499a2b5b06_n

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5921029503_df0002d094_n      5921587008_1423c7faf1_n

5921598316_5a8521a109_n      5921601692_4ca263bdc2_n

5921603704_5833323edb_n      5922747269_ec76614dfd_n

5922753395_ab92610ab3_n      5922789763_68de284db9_n

5922798063_ef4f0eb8bd_n      5923307774_3c58566b2d_n

5923315092_ae05cdc152_n      5923321052_ab20788909_n

5923328010_b1dbc8f2de_n      5923331858_f88122ce73_n

5923356924_a84cd4817b_n      5923359580_c16cd0b01f_n

5923368456_18108ca732_n      5925676226_8281538d43_n

5925678628_02e7e33db6_n      5933357765_f3faf89228_n

5933361175_edc6897862_n      5933363693_7b75d467f7_n

5933372917_34c7fb5f8f_n      5933393797_63192cb48d_n

5933394031_bcd339430c_n      5933920402_33b184f837

5933933012_38d8ed1587_n      5933954212_55b06cd4ef_n

5936631824_5eba02f881_n      5936632836_6c5c10376c_n

5937859479_4c6c277706_n      5938412142_b7a13707bc_n

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5938419660_f3d02c0e66_n      5938975025_bd369f89c4_n

5938976895_62621cd0e5_n      5938979195_af532f8aef_n

5938982133_bb4ea734ae_n      5938985873_11b1f3f3da_n

5938986797_bfef9abf5a_n      5939527668_9f00ac212a_n

5939529882_b36f0223af_n      5939538858_451e74e5bb_n

5941160975_0246929fee_n      5941162361_3bb41ee468_n

5941716938_0f675c71e6_n      5941717958_100ed188dc_n

5941718602_51d84b70ac_n      5941719560_fbe833235b_n 5941719994_ae819698b7_n      5941721890_bab316de05_n

5941723586_eef20c7d9a_n      5942862703_bfd8031581_n

5942869817_8831e011de_n      5942873587_df2364948f_n

5945673423_2229996564_n      5946227968_64dc0e63d6_n

5946232790_25fd03ccd3_n      5948094097_8d6bde6728_n

5948104329_36d8b1c186_n      5948646340_11e2c0bdc8_n

Park Bench

In memorian of Yoodi Djimar aka @vacantparkbench Who passed away 18 May 2013 at 20.25. The funeral on 19 May 2013.


This ambient music was created after May 19, 2013, the funeral of our best friend, a brother Yoodi Djimar. I try to finish it but my mind keeps changing the tune while the tears covering my sight and slowly running at the corner of my eyes. Today I made it and send it to him at the park… now he enjoy sitting at the park bench in heaven… in Peace.


Amira Hapsari Sutrasno: now he sit on a bench somewhere and listening to this.

Spoxx Aya: I like the tune very much! In my personal connotations, it feels like sitting on a park bench, being – as Yoodi has put it – “a silent witness of everything that passes by…”. Since before my inner eye, I see the passing things move like in a time lapse, my inner time beat slows down, and I feel very calm in spite of being fully aware of life being perishable… (comment cross posted from facebook)

Robert Pelenkahu: Very smooth I love the transition


(Facebook timeline)

Spoxx Aya: He said…

…that he often found, what was inside his mind was much more interesting than all things in the world: such as pondering why a flower, beautiful and precious, was perishable?
…that like a vacant park bench, he was a silent witness of everything that passed by; – to just sit and watch as everything unfolded around him.

…”Make it your universe, share it with someone and be inspired. Or not.”

Yoodi Djimar: http://vacantparkbench.wordpress.com/about-me/

(One of his poem)

You will never know
I chased the blue
Through a glass window
With the thought of you

Leaving the grey behind
Did not shed any tears
As both eyes were blind
Only faith that the sky is clear

But you will not be here
Holding me dear

So my words for today
To you, I pray



Here is the latest conversation among friends that never met


Yoodi Djimar <yoodi.djimar@me.com> Mar 8

to spoxx.tv, me

Dear Spoxx

Very touched by yr vivid recalls of our early conversation as well as yr note of symphaty to my illness. Thank you so much!

Im diagnosed w/ lung cancer and so now undrgoing treatment in a hospital.

So far all went well medication as awell as spirit wise. It is a source of great comfort and energy to b surrounded by a supportive family and friends.

Thx again for yr note. Keep in touch!

Bst rgds/ Yoodi

Sent from iPhone powered by iCloud



On Feb 27, 2013, at 4:33 AM, “spoxx.tv (content)” <spoxx@spoxx.tv> wrote:

Joodi, my friend!

Today, I received notice from Agus Makkie that you are in hospital, and very ill.

I hope that you do not have to suffer a lot of pain in your body,
and that your spirit and faith are strong to support you
in these difficult times.

We never met in person,
but I remember very vividly the situation,
when I first saw your “@vacantparkbench” handle on twitter:
I asked, whether there was a spare place on your parkbench,
and you invited me to sit down next to you,
and we had a little chat about the value of leisure and “doing nothing”.

It was not until sometime later
that I realized your connection to Agus Makkie.

We did not exchange many tweets or messages,
but somehow I always was conscious of you being there somewhere
on the other side of the world,
but still very close.

Later, we added another layer of looking at each other
through your photographic vision,
and once in a while, I wandered over to your blog
for a text or a poem.

From all this I know
that the horizon of your spirit is wider
than the walls of suffering and fear
that may constrict you in this present situation.

Please, feel my love and my being close.

I wish, I had an idea, what more I could do.
If you know, please tell me!

Your friend truly


This is me and Spoxx when I was visiting Munich, we are at the Beer Garden.


(From a friend on InstaGram, Twitter and Path)

Fatah: To an awesome bloke whom I have never had the opportunity to meet but shared warm sentiments with wit and candor through Path and IG over the years. Yoodi Djimar, you will be sorely missed and I’m certain that you are at peace with pain, no more.

Andrea: Miss his words… Miss his writing… Now he is sitting on his park bench in heaven, watching over us…

WK (brother in law): Long hair, t-shirt, jeans, black coffee, red Marlboro and he sitting in parkbench while rain is pouring and he smile beside him. Tears, Period.

Adhi (brother): I will have no tears of sadness. Only tears of joy. Cause I know he’s now in better place. A peaceful place where pain does not exist. Thank you for allowing me to be close to you and do what a brother should do. You’ve help me become a better person more than I can help you to become better. Go have your rest now kak, you deserve it.

Oca: J mas yoodi juga, sweet stranger.

Sayamaya: Aku pun bertanya hal yang sama dan dijawab dgn hal yg sama waktu pertama kenal huhuhuh.

Agusmakkie: maaf saya ngga sanggup foto mas yoodi, fotonya cuma ada di kepala dan hati gue aja untuk saat itu (terakhir bertemu dia). Pemandangan ini sudah cukup bercerita…

IyankPo: Aku gak kenal mas Yoodi secara langsung, tp kami saling bercerita dan comment melalui twitter, dan entah kenapa aku merasa dekat.

Danny: Hope you can send us heaven pictures via instagram… Rest in peace.

….and many more

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure” – Author Unknown