Electro Pop


Experimental music in electro pop – indietronic instrumental

Bottlesmoker are from Bandung, Indonesia. They use toy musical instrument and custom equipments, the sounds are so unique with a hint of catchy pop music. Bottlesmoker produces self-made instrument with a bending circuit process, they love toy musical instruments such as Glockenspiel, Hand Bell, Melodica, and any toys that produce any sounds like Toy Phones, Radio, Nintendo DS.

This duo made custom music instrument such as Noise Box, Theremin, 8 Step Sequencer, they produce such a characterized sounds that no other musicians have. Bottlesmoker did all the production, distribution and promotion. Writing all the songs in their rooms. They recorded, mixed, and mastered the songs using their own computer. People have been talked of their successfully Out of The Bedroom Musician, inspired other Bedroom Musicians to actually go public, out of the comfort of their rooms.